The reservation is valid from the moment of advance payment of 50% of the rental price. The other 50% must be paid at least 15 days before the start of the rental. If the reservation is made for a rental that starts in less than 15 days, the entire rental price must be paid. If the reservation is canceled, the advance payment will not be refunded to the client.

A deposit whose amount depends on the choice of camper is left on the day the camper is taken over. When returning the RV, if everything is as it was at the time of the deposit, the deposit will be refunded in full.  

Tip: thoroughly inspect and photograph any damage found outside and inside the camper because by signing the contract you agree that you have taken the camper in proper, not damaged condition. Any additional damage will be charged against the deposit according to the price list that you will receive when you pick up the vehicle.

The contract you sign when you take over the camper contains the following articles and please read it carefully:

1. With this lease agreement "BM Transport camper rental" hereinafter, the lessor rents to the user specified in this agreement, hereinafter referred to as the lessee, a car for the period agreed in the form under the conditions set out below;

2.The lessee or the driver of the camper who is at least 28 years of age must bring in his / her identity card or passport as well as a driver's license with the appropriate category that he / she has at least 5 years.

3. This contract identifies the vehicle via its license plate number and certifies the date and time from which the lessee picks up or returns the said vehicle.

4. The rental price is in dinars and is payable no later than when you pick up the vehicle. In the event of a tenancy shortening by the lessee, the lessor is under no obligation to repay the money paid in advance.

5. The service does not include: fuel, tolls, damage to tires and glass.

6. A deposit is required and is left at the time of pickup. After the return of the vehicle, if everything is fine both on the exterior and inside of the vehicle and if the fuel is at the same level on the scale as when the vehicle was taken over, the deposit is returned in full to the lessee. In case of theft or damage to the vehicle, the lessor has the right not to return the deposit to the lessee.

7. Insurance - the maximum participation in the theft or damage of the vehicle is the amount of the deposit. In case of damage caused by the fault of another traffic participant, the deposit will be returned after the demand for funds from the insurance of the culprit of the traffic accident has ended. In any case, the POLICE RECORD is mandatory. If the lessee does not have a police record, and the damage to the vehicle is greater than the amount of the deposit, the lessor has the right to claim the lawsuit. In case of vehicle theft, the lessee is obliged to return the vehicle key and documents. In the case of driving while intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or in case the customer provided false information about his personal data or presented forged / inaccurate documents, the insurance will be void and all damages will be charged to the lessee.

8. In case of loss of the keys or documents of the camper, the lessee is obliged to pay the lessor € 250 in RSD equivalent plus the cost of delivering the spare keys to the place where the lessee is located.

9. Smoking in a vehicle is strictly prohibited if the landlord has a right to charge 100 € from the deposit in dinars at the time of returning to the cigarettes for the cost of thorough washing of the RV.

10. The lessor hands the car to the lessee in a neat and clean manner. The Lessee undertakes to return the vehicle to its regularly soiled state in accordance with normal use. If the lessee returns the vehicle in extremely dirty condition, the lessor has the right to charge 100 € in RSD equivalent for a thorough washing.

11. The lessee undertakes to return the vehicle to the lessor at date indicated on the contract, and no later than 1 PM. If late, the tolerance is one hour, and each subsequent hour of delay will be charged 20 € unless otherwise agreed. In the event that the lessee wishes to extend the lease, he can do so only with the consent of the lessor, who decides on it, depending on the vehicle reservation.

12.The vehicle cannot be used for purposes other than travel. It is also prohibited: - renting a vehicle - giving to another person without the consent of the lessor - for commercial purposes, in any form, such as transporting people, things, selling goods, etc. - in conditions of overload and with more people in the camper approved in the vehicle registration document - on off-road roads.- for persons under 28 years of age and who have a license of less than five years or older than 70 years, unless approved by the lessor - management by persons whose conditions are not adequate or do not comply with the provisions of the traffic regulations of the country in which the vehicle is used (fatigue, drunkenness, disability, even if temporary, under the influence of drugs, etc.). landlord-park in places where parking is prohibited-empty waste liquids in unauthorized places- racing or racing- manage speeds higher than permitted by traffic regulations the country in which the vehicle is used or the maximum limits specified by the manufacturer. The use of the vehicle in violation of even one of the provisions contained in this article will result in the loss of a deposited deposit and the immediate withdrawal of the vehicle, with compensation for any damage caused to the vehicle, lessor and any third party foreign. Any civil, criminal or administrative liability caused by a breach of this Article shall be the responsibility of the lessee only.

13. The lessee states that it is aware of the traffic regulations in force in the country in which the vehicle will be used. In case of any penalties, the lessee is solely responsible for them, that is, the lessor has no obligation to refund any costs to the lessee of the fines paid.

14. Vehicle safety: When not traveling, the client undertakes to leave the vehicle in a secure parking lot, properly locked, or in a place specifically used for parking the camper or vehicle. It is absolutely forbidden to leave the camper unattended in unauthorized areas and in places not prepared for parking motor vehicles. The lessee must take care and be liable in the event of any damage resulting from improper parking. In case the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the lessee will be obliged to compensate them in full.

15. Pets: Pet transportation is only provided with the express agreement of the landlord, under conditions to be agreed upon with the animal and the size of the pet. In the event that the lessee fails to notify the presence of the pet in the vehicle, the lessor reserves the right to apply a fine of 100 € in RSD equivalent.

16. Keeping gas cylinders open and using them in a moving vehicle is prohibited.

17. Personal belongings, clothing or other objects carried in a rented vehicle are not covered by insurance.

18. RVs are forbidden to travel to countries not previously mentioned to the landlord. In the case of any damage or theft of a vehicle incurred in countries other than those specified in the contract, the lessee is obliged to bear all the damage itself.

19. In the event of an accident requiring repairs, the lessee will fully cover the daily costs of the stationary vehicle.

20. The lessor assumes no liability in the event that the passengers or their belongings suffer any damage or damage after signing the delivery record

.21. The lessor will not be liable for any defects, defects, damages or other defects not mentioned in the delivery report that the lessee has put together with the lessor. The buyer is required to report in a timely manner any damage or anomalies present inside or outside the vehicle that were not detected in the delivery report. Failure to do so presumes that the vehicle was received in perfect order or in any case in accordance with the information given in the delivery report.

22. The lessor reserves the right to issue a replacement camper to the lessee in case of force majeure (traffic accident, possible breakdown ...), at the same price if it is better and at a discount if worse than reserved.

23. The lessor reserves the right to delay the start of the lease contract due to mechanical failures, other obstacles or delays due to force majeure. In the event of delays exceeding 48 hours, the lessor shall immediately notify the lessee who will be able to obtain a refund and cancellation of the contract.

24. In the event of a mechanical failure during the lease, the lessee must immediately notify the lessor. To make any repairs, the lessee must first seek and obtain written approval from the lessor. Amounts paid by the lessee for any repairs will be reimbursed at the time of return of the camper only if it has been previously authorized in writing by the lessor and with the invoice attached.

25. The lessor is not responsible for any mechanical breakdowns or accidents that may occur during the lease even if this causes the trip to be interrupted or suspended. Also, if the accident was the fault of a third party, the lessor has no obligation to return the money to the lessee and if the accident occurred at the very beginning of the lease.

26. In the event of a mechanical failure or accident rendering the vehicle temporarily unusable, any cost of transportation, restaurant, hotel or other expenses will be entirely to the detriment of the customer. In case of tire breakage and / or damage, the buyer is obliged to replace the damaged tires at his own expense.

27. The lessee undertakes not to leave the damaged vehicle in the workshop under any circumstances after the period necessary for repairs. It also undertakes to return it to the lessor after the defect has been corrected, even if it involves an extension of the previously determined lease length.

28. Any dispute will be settled by the court in Belgrade.