Where to camp?

Human is nomad by nature. People have been wandering for thousands of years searching for their place under the sun. No wonder that all of us occasionally have a gene that pulls us to travel, explore new places and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. The RV is our perfect companion. You're in the house and you're not. You park your mobile home where you want and stay as long as you want, only the camper can give you this kind of freedom. Forget about bookings and bad experiences with hotels, planes and buses - with a camper the whole world is in your palm! Alone, as a couple, family, with friends, exploring, enjoying ... We've put together some suggestions for you where to travel and what to visit with your camper or what many call it a traveling home.

Also helpful will be the text we found on the net, authored by Mr. Vladan Andrejevic, and since the text can undoubtedly be inferred by the great fan and enjoyer of this type of vacation:

"In Serbia, the custom of using camper (not to mention camping, because these two things have almost no touch points) is at a very low level, which is because of, I would say, too high prices for the average Serbian pocket, which is because people just don't have it a habit, unlike, say, Slovenia, where this is by far the most popular form of using holidays and weekends.
People are probably most interested in the rental price, and it is also affected by the negative supply-demand ratio, so given that supply is too low, even for this small demand like it is in Serbia, renting a camper is not a cheap thing at all (but, according to us, every dinar is worth :)). The RVs that we used for 3-4 years cost € 110 per day of use. Plus, of course you pay for all the fuel, tolls, and more you spend while traveling.
Usually a deposit of € 1000 is left to cover any damage that is not covered by the insurance, ie damage not caused by traffic (such as a broken refrigerator, stove, TV, etc. that could happen to a customer's negligence). .
Please note that for this price you get a camper costing over € 100,000, which has an interior space like an average studio apartment, with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and some, let's call it, living room.
The RV has its own independent gas heating, which also runs a refrigerator, stove, boiler.
There are 2 air conditioners, one just like any car and the other one that is in the bedroom, which can only operate at 220V, that is, when you connect the RV to an external power source.
All other smaller devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.) can be recharged for weeks without connecting to external power.
The only flaw that bothered us is that the total amount of water available to you is only 120L. This water is intended for both the kitchen and the bathroom, and if you have, say, a female teenager like me who is used to washing her hair every day, you will need to replenish the water.
I would like to point out that Greece is an ideal country for driving and using a camper, or vice versa, a camper is ideal for use in Greece. And here's why.
In western countries, such highly regulated societies, you have a looot of rules about driving, parking, using a RV, and very strict regulations when it comes to filling water and emptying what you eat should be emptied.
In Greece, there are no such regulations at all! You can work with your camper whatever you like!
For example we parked camper in front of the lower entrance to the Acropolis in Athens! And spent the night there. We parked it at every possible beach in Thassos, in the Olympic region, in the vicinity of Athens and on the beaches in Athens (yes, right on the beach, literally, not next to or near), so here we are, on top of the Meteor Mountains!
Imagine what it feels like to get up in the morning and leave the room literally 3 - 4 steps to the sea. Right on the sand!
In Western Europe, you can only park your camper at designated locations, not many dials.
Also, in Greece, as in our country, you can easily and easily replenish water at virtually every gas station (free of charge), which is a little different in the west. . But in our experience (and there used to be 2 of us, sometimes 4, and 6 of us), the most comfortable is when 4 adults travel (maybe with one child or two small children). "

One of our esteemed clients is a famous singer who has toured the entire planet several times, when he first rented a vehicle with us he told us: "I have visited almost all the countries in the world, and I have not visited so many beautiful places in Serbia." He has already rented a car with us for a period of 3 to 7 days, and each time he was in the second place exclusively in Serbia. Indeed, so many beautiful places we have not seen and visited in the country we live in, and we constantly strive to travel to others.

Only 70 km from Belgrade and 17 km from Novi Sad, at the foot of Stražilov, and not far from the culturalThe historic town of Sremski Karlovci is a unique place for a safe stay and active vacation forthe whole family - Eco camp Fruška gora. On as much as 20,000 square meters of untouched nature, this campit is a favorite place of excursionists, mountaineers, but also campers who often come here and spend the night here in their orrented caravans and / or tents. Camp surrounded by nature and silence, a space that is regularlymows and treats with ecological means, which has a complete toilet, as well as cold and hot waterpresents visitors with an additional convenience and more reason to stay in it. They are next to the campcamping space, available to all visitors and installed barbecues, as well as wooden tables and benchesplaced next to them. And after a rich meal and morning coffee under the open sky, a walk is a mustFruška gora which is a real tourist attraction with its many culturalmonuments, monasteries, health trails, lookouts, wineries ... There is also an eco-camp spacerecognized as a great place to organize various outdoor activities, such as team building, celebrationsbirthdays and the organization of various conferences, which contributed to raising awareness of the importance of staying in, butand return to nature, which are both the mission and goal of this camp ...
Phone:.+381 60 220 1234
Email: ekokamprs@gmail.com
Web: http://campingfruskagora.com/

Camping site "Rose of the Winds" is located in Jagodina, central Serbia, at the top of the local Đurđev Hill, a few minutes drive from the E-75 international highway and within walking distance of the Thessaloniki International Railway. It is situated in nature, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, and only 800m from the tourist and sports center of the city within which there are aqua park, zoo, shopping center, park Potok and numerous restaurants and cafes. The city itself and the surrounding area are rich in cultural and historical sights and events. Đurđevo brdo is ideal for nature walks, and adventurers can find pleasure in the nearby mountains, Crni vrh and Juhor. Visits to one of the maritime attractions will always be accompanied by beautiful scenery.
The camp has a capacity of 20 parcels with an area of 0.12ha, suitable for all types of camping. Terraced terrain forms individual plots providing an intimate atmosphere and panoramic views of the city. The camp is equipped with an infrastructure network of water supply, sewerage and el. energy, as well as a wastewater discharge site. The sanitary block has hot and cold water at every place. All guests have access to wireless internet. The space is fenced and secured.
Phone: +381 63 16 86 733
Email. ruza.vetrova.camping@gmail.com
Web. http://campingruzavetrova.com/

CAMP "Avala" Beograd
Camping Belgrade Avala is a modern camping destination on the Belgrade - Mladenovac - Kragujevac regional road and is well connected to the E70 / E75 motorways. While there you can go sightseeing, in the vicinity are the city of Belgrade, the lively Sumadija and the surrounding beautiful mountains Avala and Kosmaj and numerous cultural and historical places. This camp is also ideal for a short getaway from the city and a family weekend.
Clean air and fresh nights will make your vacation pleasant and relaxing.
In 2018, a wine cellar and a large terrace were made within the camp, where local wines can be tasted and purchased. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the vineyard and sunset.
Guests also have a large prefabricated swimming pool.
The plan is to procure a minibus for sightseeing and transportation to the city center.
There is a shop nearby where you can buy the groceries you need daily. The owner of the camping site is one of the first campers from Belgrade and will provide every guest with the right and necessary information.
Phone: +381695551227
Email. info@campingbelgradeavala.com
Web. http://campingbelgradeavala.com

The 3-star Zlatibor Campsite is located on the E-763 main road, not far from the center of Zlatibor, in a beautiful pine forest, on the Tić polje site, near the Zelenkada Hotel. The new and well-equipped 1.5 ha campsite has 60 camping sites and a modernly equipped facility with a sanitary block, a summer house and a kitchen. It is also equipped with a three-wheeler for emptying chemical toilets, and a special space for dumping garbage. There are also 10 rooms (each room has its own bathroom, TV, wifi). The camp also has facilities for children (swings, swings ...) In addition to the beautiful surroundings, this camp is of great value as a transit camp on the way to Montenegro. Visitors to the camp have at their disposal all the benefits of Zlatibor, from active vacations and Zlatibor specialties to numerous opportunities for day trips in the surrounding area (Tornik Ski Center, Mokra gora Nature Park, Drvengrad na Mecavnik, ethnographic village Sirogojno, Stopić Cave…). This is a destination ideal for hikers and cyclists. Also nearby is Ribnicki Lake suitable for fishing (rich in catfish, carp…).
Phone: +381648517651
Email. camp@zlatibor.org.rs
Web. http://www.zlatibor.org.rs

Camping Oasis is located in Bela Crkva on Vracevgai Lake, next to the main road Belgrade - Bela Crkva - Romania. The closest airport is "Nikola Tesla" in Belgrade, 87km from the campsite. This new, spacious campground features a beautifully landscaped beach on the lake known for its natural water-renewing filters. There is a kitchenette in the camp that is equipped with a fridge. Free internet and parking are available at the campsite. It is possible to rent a trailer. It also has a summer movie theater, soccer field, barbecue grills, canoes and other boats, a children's playground, educational toys for the use of natural energy, tables and benches in the shade on the shore of the lake. You can engage in a variety of activities such as cycling, fishing and diving. In the vicinity you can visit many historical sights, Deliblatska sandstone, the town of Vrsac, and in Bela Crkva itself various interesting events are organized during the year. A unique oasis of relaxation, recreation and new experiences.
Phone: +381658233393
Email. hello@camping-oaza.com
Web. http://www.camping-oaza.com7